Servants of the Way 

Dedicated to the Divine Mother

We are called to love God with our whole heart, mind and soul and to love our neighbor as ourselves.  This universal Path of Love and Service is open to all who aspire to experience the immense and all encompassing Love of God, to be infused with the Holy Light of the Christ and be transformed by the Holy Spirit.

Servants of the Way provides a living pathway to Esoteric Christian spiritual initiation in the Gnostic tradition. Baptism, Illumination, Self-Realization and Ordination are Solar Initiations that are available to all who give their lives in selfless service to the Mother/ Father Creator through our Master Christ Jesus. There is a Universal Path of Initiation into the Christ-ian Mysteries known as The Way. To follow It is to become a Servant.

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Servants Of the Way is a portal through which aspirants can be connected with the Holy Order of the Golden Cross under the over-arching Great White Lodge. It is not the only portal. We accept Jesus Christ as our Teacher and High Priest.

This is a distinctly Christ-ian School of Initiation that has its existence primarily in the “unseen” world. As an earthly entity it is only identifiable by the commitment of its “members” to follow the Master Christ Jesus as his students and to adhere to the guidance to “take up your cross and follow me”. It is, in other words, a virtual school on earth but a very real school in spirit.

Servants Of the Way is not an organization or religion that one can join. There is nothing to join. There is no membership. As an aspirant responds to an inner calling to serve she/he may feel directed to follow the path of initiation known mystically as the Way. Servants Of the Way can assist in guiding those seekers through the initiations and present them for admission to the Holy Order of the Golden Cross.

Initiations include Baptism, Illumination and Self-Realization. For those who are so called, Ordination into the Universal and Eternal Priesthood is also possible.

The Divine Feminine as a Portal to Self-Realization

We were placed in this world and live in this world to understand and become Self-Realized God Beings. If this is true, then what is Self? What is Self-Realization?  How do we come to know God in whom we live and move and have our being?

We can know God in its many aspects; God as Father, God as Mother, God as Self.  One approach to come to know our own Divine Self and Being is through the Divine Feminine, and through the feminine aspects of our own personality.  Studies in Alchemy, Tarot, and Esoteric Mysteries show us that every person has both feminine and masculine (yin/yang/ positive/negative/solar/lunar) energies and aspects within themselves.  Understanding and tapping into those aspects to perform the inner alchemy/spiritual work that is necessary to transform our baser selves into spiritual gold is our quest.

The Divine Mother, or subjective, trans-liminal consciousness speaks to us when we bypass the conscious, logical mind and approach her through irrational/non-rational modes such as:

  • Dreams
  • Art
  • Journaling, poetry
  • Sound and Music
  • Movement and Dance
  • Meditation and Prayer

We are called to dance, paint, sing, chant and write Her into our being, and when we take Her hand she leads us unerringly to the Sun within.

“Guadalupe” by DhiraLawrence


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