World View

It seems a pity that so much time and energy is being spent on defending World Views. We know that there are differing World Views out there, a fact that is driven home whenever poll results are released on just about any subject. We all have them.


But to devote any energy to defending or promoting a World View is to ignore the other overriding fact; All World Views are ultimately flawed. There is only One View that we need embrace. Only when the World is Viewed from that perspective, the Eternal, Cosmic Perspective, do we find our own Oneness with this World and with all that exists, including one another.

Our identification with temporal World Views only reinforces separation and dualism. The very antithesis of Oneness.

This does not mean that we should bury our heads in the sand, or don those tempting rose-colored glasses. Quite the contrary. By identifying with the One that is us, we see the Reality that underlies the apparent. When Master Jesus saw the man with the withered arm and had him stretch it forth and it was made whole, Jesus left us with the key to being in this world but not of it. Jesus could see the illusion, the apparent but did not Believe it. His knowing that the man’s arm was whole and had always been whole was so strong that it overrode the man’s own belief in the seeming reality of his condition. The man’s World View was changed because of the Master’s identification with Truth.

Have we not all felt “called” to be part of the Solution? That Solution can only be the supplanting of illusion with Reality, the finite with the Eternal, of untruth with Truth and separation with Oneness. We are called therefore to be the Solution. The yeast that leavens the whole loaf. And through Grace we are given the Vision of the One.

This is how many have been led to see things and we pray that that True Consciousness so fleetingly attained as yet, becomes the All of our collective existence. Let the Love of our Creator through our Blessed Mother Mary and through our Lord and Master Christ Jesus fill our hearts now and forever.

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