The Great Work

Let go and let God! How often have we heard this and how many meanings and insights has this simple saying imparted? It, like all real teachings, is true and meaningful on many levels.

We know that we are certainly being exhorted to “let go” of our worldly attachments. To be empty. To make room for the light. To be less. But to what end?

Visuddha Chakra Mandala

The Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension. The very core of Christ’s mission and the Path we must walk. These events are the culmination of the seed planted in us. They are the Gift that Christ lovingly bestowed on Earth and on all generations of incarnating souls.

The Gift was given some 2000 years ago. The Christ affixing itself to the cross of matter, pouring its own life and experience into the very Earth, bonding with every atom of the planet. Those atoms becoming the matter of all bodies created to carry the Divine Self, past, present and future.

Christ rent the veil separating the inner and outer courts of the temple creating a new heaven and new earth, overcoming death and raising matter to the highest level of Light.

The Gift was given. The veil was rent. We have vehicles composed of the very matter of Christ, imbued with His Presence. We live in Him and He lives in us. All beings and all matter have become the vehicles of His consciousness and He is the Teacher for all who allow Him to instruct through all of his manifestations. There is no other Teacher. To the seeker who is empty and humble, Christ instructs from every person, every animal, from all of nature manifest and un-manifest. He laid open a clear and direct avenue to the Highest, to the very Creator of all things seen and unseen. He became the Way to which all paths lead.

Since all this is true, then why do we not always know Oneness? Why is there me and you? Up and down? Before and after? Here and there? Good and bad? Could it be that the Gift of the Realization of Oneness is held at bay? That our own “personal atmospheres” are filled so much with judgments, opinions, “self image” and other “duality reinforcing concepts” that we in effect create a type of force field that becomes our reality? That the One, the Gift, is constantly pressing on the shell of our personal atmospheres?

If we let go of our desires and our attachments do we automatically experience the One? Only if we also let go of our aversions. It is the concept of duality that we took on by partaking of the tree of good and evil (duality) that separates us from the experience of the One. We know that this is the truth behind Christ’s admonition to “judge not lest ye be judged”. Every time we judge we reinforce the concept of duality for in Oneness there is nothing to judge. No you and me. No good and bad. It is all good. Equanimity is the goal. We need not care if life’s circumstances change for us. It is all the same. There is nothing to prefer nor anything to resist. Nothing to be attached to nor anything to have aversions to.

Becoming aware of our attachments is easier than seeing our aversions. I never thought that those things that I resisted, that I did not want in my life, were at least as important in reinforcing that force-field-of-separation as were my attachments to things, self image, experiences, insights and personal revelations.

So what do we have aversions to? What “evils” do we resist in spite of Christ’s teaching that we “Resist Not”? Pain? Illness? Being destitute? Loss? Anger? Fear? Failure?

Each of these aversions creates and reinforces the illusion of duality. It is not enough to let go of our attachments but to let go of our aversions as well. By not judging, by being empty of those “self” defining energies in our “personal atmospheres” we immediately merge with the One. We no longer merely see the Self within. We are Self. This is the fruit of the Gift He gave us. We join Christ in the garden of Gethsemane pleading that these painful things be removed from us but ultimately declaring “not my will but Thine be done”.

Yes, “Letting Go and Letting God” is all that it takes to know the One. And it is only in
our knowing the One that we can fulfill our calling as Servants of the Christ. The Master Jesus showed us the Way, removed all obstacles and told us that He had prepared a place for us that where He was we should also be.

By realizing the Oneness of Being we bestow His blessing of that realization on all whom we meet, all who share this orb with us and on the very matter of the earth itself. We participate with Christ in the Great Work.

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