Resurrected Christ


“We are living in a world of illusion”. We have heard various versions of this statement many times but this concept of illusion has been a confusing one for most of us. How can the world we know be an illusion? It seems obvious that the world around us is “real”. It is solid. We feel pain when our bodies are injured. We feel awful if our bodies are sick. These are quite real, non illusory observations. So where is this illusion?

We also have heard that this Resurrection thing we celebrate at Easter has created a new heaven and new earth. That the old world was replaced by a new one that is truly Heaven on Earth.

Resurrected Christ

This new world is synonymous with the New Age we have all heard so much about. And as with the New Age, most of us have been waiting and longing for this potential to manifest.

So, to understand the potential of a New Age of Heaven on Earth, we must start by understanding where we have been thus far. This illusory world.

There are only two conditions. Love and Fear. What has been termed the Kingdom of God is the World of Love; the world that is the expression and extension of Divine Love. It is Self-existent in that it is not dependent on mental concept or reinforcement by mass belief systems. It is.

The condition that has been created out of fear, out of a belief in separation has no inherent, intrinsic existence. It is a conditional reality in that it requires the precondition of mass confirmation and re-affirmation to maintain its seeming existence.

Because we are the Son of God, not sons but the Son of God, we are endowed with the same creative potential and ability as is our Creator, our Father-Mother God. We are created in that Image and Likeness. Consequently we have created a very solid world that itself operates by the same laws of nature that our Creator built into all of Creation.

Even in our self-delusion of being separate from one another, from our Creator and from all of Creation we have built a world in which to live that is amazing in its own way. But included in all that is beautiful and joyful we find that which is ugly and painful and sorrowful. We live behind what has been called the “Veil of Tears”. We see misery and suffering all around us. War, disease, famine.

It is these conditions that point to the illusion. They are all a result of fear and of our sense of being separate. They are a result of our having incarnated in this realm and in so doing believing in the lie of our own making. That we are separate and alone and that if we are to “make it” it will have to be on our own, by our own wits and our individual prowess.

If our belief in a duality has caused us to live in an illusory world of separation, suffering and limitation, and fearful loneliness it stands to reason that if we believed in Unity instead, we would stop the vicious cycle of reinforcing the world we have created and begin to experience the world that had been created for us out of Love. The Kingdom of God.

So how is it possible to break out of that cycle of reinforcement? This brings us to the Gift that is the Resurrection!

Over millennia there have been those Great Ones who have incarnated into the world of
illusion but who themselves were able to recall, to remember the World of Love. They acted as yeast placed in dough. They worked “within the system” being “in the world but not of it” and in so doing became like bombs discharging in the house that man built, weakening the foundation, causing fissures in the walls and making it more and more possible for others to get a glimpse of the Greater Real World of Love and Truth that was all around this faulty structure. And when they departed, some of them even transposed their physical forms into the Light of this Greater Reality of Unconditional Love.

Many of us have been touched by those lives and have actually begun to participate in this Great Work by trying to live in awareness of Truth and Love and Reality even while dealing with the day to day realities of living in this world of illusion. We have often wondered if we were doing any good. Wars rage on, suffering prevails, “bad things continue to happen to good people”. Has anything really gotten better? Is all that we can hope for is that we ourselves have some useful tools to help us to get by until death calls? Do our meditations and prayers make any difference? Have they ever?

The answer is Yes! We have been participating in the Great Work begun by those Ascended Masters and Saints who have preceded us. We have helped further weaken the structure of the House of Illusion. Not only have “lives well lived” been helping but have helped bring us to this very time. The Time of the Great Christ. The Time when we take up our Sonship and step into the Kingdom of God, not only to visit but to Dwell there! No longer to merely work within the structure of illusion and no longer to just help further weaken the foundation but to make the full and complete transition to the House of Truth, of Reality, of Love. The transition to the New Heaven on Earth.

The mystery of Christ’s birth, ministry, trials, crucifixion and resurrection point the way to realizing the initiatory path laid before us, the Path that leads to this Kingdom. Now. In this time. And in making this transition we can then reach back to exhort our brothers and sisters to join us. Rather than pointing the way to the cracks in the walls in the house of illusion we will finally be able say, as did Christ, “Follow me” as we are transplanted beyond those decaying walls into the Kingdom of Light.

This New World has been with us forever. We have never been separate from it. It is quite impossible for us to be separate from it for we are Unity itself. We are the Kingdom itself. It is time now for us to take up our existence in this Reality and bring it into full manifestation for the benefit of all. “Greater Love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his Friends”. All of Creation waits with baited breath for the Christ-ing of Mankind.

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