Buddha Statue


We are told that “the only constant in the universe is change”. This is both true and not true at same time.

Buddha Statue

In the realm of manifestation, of things that are, of form and of time, change IS constant. Everything vibrates and moves and grows and decays and grows anew.

In the realm behind and beyond manifestation, even behind the realm of causation, there is perfect stillness, completeness, no becoming, no moving, no growing or dying.

These “realms” exist simultaneously and are ever present.

It is easy to experience the first realm, the realm of things coming and going, things being born and disappearing. We see this level of reality all around us. Even our thoughts come and go. Nothing seems to be still.

So we engage this world of movement and seek to be effective in helping it to “evolve”. Evolution is, if nothing else, change. So we do whatever we feel is necessary to help the changing conditions of life on earth become the “new heaven and new earth”. And this drive to help in that process is a calling many of us have heard and respond to in diverse ways.

But our ability to truly work in this world of change, to be conscious and effective co-creators and to help move the forces of heaven and earth are only as good as is our discovery of and connection with The Complete, The Whole, The Perfected, The Pure Potential of the Un-manifest.

Without that experience and foundation we are ineffective at best and part of the problem at worst. We think we are doing The Great Work and are performing true spiritual alchemy but are falling short. The true alchemist knows that the Great Work is already completed, the goal is already reached and in fact has never been anything other than here and now. She knows that there is no path because there is nowhere to go. Those watching her work from their perspective in space/time see her making things happen, forces moving. But she knows that this is only because she knows there is no change, nothing needed, no movement possible. That all is complete.

By virtue of the fact that we live in physical bodies in space/time and are aware of the progression of events, we are already engaged in the Great Work. We are already “called” to help in the evolution of humankind and of the matter of earth itself. And we are given the laboratory and the tools necessary to accomplish this task.

Our bodies and all the finite aspects of existence that come with this package are laid out before us. We have the Source of Living Light at the very core of our Being and with that Light we begin the process of transforming and transmuting the base metals of our flesh and of our emotions and of our desires, the full content of our un-regenerated minds into the spiritual gold of an integrated self that is simultaneously aware of being one with the Changeless Source of All and one with All that is created and that moves and changes and grows. Then and only then can our prayers for peace and love and an illumined world be impactful.

This experience of the Timeless, Formless All is what we call “Gnosis” or “Realization of Self”. This is the touching of the Philosopher’s Stone that once touched, makes your alchemical endeavors possible. This is the Pearl of Great Price for which you were willing to sell all that you had to acquire. There is nothing more important, nothing more valuable. It is worth your everything.

We are given two keys that embody this dual reality of the realm of the Changeless and the realm of Constant Change and bring us into the Renewed Mind, the Regenerated Mind of Christ Consciousness. They are “Love the Lord thy God with all your heart and mind and strength” and “Love thy neighbor as yourself”.

The first commandment makes the second possible. And the second fulfills the promise of the first.


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