Connect with the Mother-A Blessing Circle

The Servants of the Way chapel is dedicated to the Divine Mother, and to Mary.  It is a place where, when you walk in, you feel her presence wrapping you in her arms.  Peace and Prescence.  But she is available to us all of the time, no matter where we are in life, no matter our state of mind.  We need only reach out to feel Her with us.

It is possible to experience wholeness, Peace and Presence. It is possible to be reconciled with your true Self, and to discover your unique gifts. It is possible for you to discover new ways of Being in the world and become more of who you really are.

Each person has unique and important gifts, but many of us may not know what these gifts are. What if you are lost or broken? What if you have never experienced the wholeness that is your birthright? Or, perhaps we know what our gift is, but may be unsure or afraid to share it, because it makes us vulnerable and we don’t know how to live in that space.

Our Divine Mother can helps us to discover the unique gifts that were given to us, and to learn to share them with the world-a world that longs for the very gift you have to give.

Please join us for a virtual Blessing Circle on June 17th  to connect with our Mother, with each other.  Please click on this link to register for this interactive webinar.

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